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As business owners, we always want our employees to be healthy and happy. Over the years, we’ve looked into plans, but never thought we would be able to afford it. When we heard of Dr. Charles’s plan, we knew it would be perfect for us. . .

This practice has given us, as owners, a peace of mind knowing our employees are well taken care of in terms of their healthcare needs.

Carrie Johnson, Co-owner, Olive the Beauty Lounge

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Many small business owners have a desire to provide healthcare coverage for their employees, but simply cannot afford to. Owners recognize the benefits of having employees who are actively engaged with their health and have consistent access to quality healthcare. They also recognize that providing access to healthcare coverage is a significant benefit that can help build employee loyalty and morale.

Hometown Health has group rates, specifically designed to help small businesses provide access to concierge-level service at a fraction of the cost of health insurance. We have several groups currently enrolled in our practice, and the feedback has been phenomenal. We would love to help you provide your employees with a healthcare option they’ll love, and that you’ll feel good about providing. If you’d like to find out more, simply give us a little bit more information about your business, and we’ll contact you to set up a time to discuss options.


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