Hometown Health
Darin Charles, MD

Why Hometown Health?





A quick text to my doctor saved me an expensive trip to the ER
— current patient

I feel fortunate that my wife and I are being cared for by Dr. Charles
— current patient

Dr. Charles is very thorough. . . He always addresses all of my questions
— current patient

Friends and Family

Hometown Health was created with one simple concept in mind - offering the same level of care to all of my patients as I do my friends and family. By eliminating the complications of insurance, and implementing the latest technology, I can provide the highest quality, personalized care, with immediate access, superior communication and expanded appointment times, with complete transparency, at a reasonable cost.


I bring over a decade of experience in Family Medicine here in Mansfield, and have been recognized with several distinctions for delivering consistently high quality care with compassion.


Maintaining a low number of patients enrolled in Hometown Health at any given time, I have the ability to know and care for my patients in a more meaningful way, with time committed to creating a personalized health plan for each individual.


With open and flexible office hours, paired with the latest patient communication tools, access will be unmatched - whether an appointment is needed, or your needs can be met through text, phone, e-mail or video visits.


Being a doctor who will listen and can communicate complicated medical information in a meaningful way is what I have built my reputation on, and Hometown Health will allow me to focus even more on communication.


Convenient hours, whether for office visits or basic questions, is what busy families need, and we are able to meet that need with extended hours, longer appointments, after-hour access and same-day appointments.


Medical costs are at an all-time high, and are continuing to rise, but Hometown Health is able to offer simple, monthly pricing for almost all services provided, and will provide discounted cash pricing for all services not covered by membership.